For a unique and beautiful winter experience, go to the Wisconsin Ice Castles in Lake Geneva! A great place for Wisconsin family adventures. Here was our experience and what we learned for next time.

Pricing Info

Monday-Thursday: $16.99 ages 12 & up, $11.99 ages 4-11

Friday-Sunday: $20.99 ages 12 & up, $15.99 ages 4-11

Avoid these crowds by going in the morning!

With little kids it is worth going during a less busy time, like right when they open in the morning or during the week. We went in the afternoon on a weekend and it was insanely busy. We still managed to get a couple photos without the crowds in the way, but waiting in lines and appreciating the beauty was hindered by the sheer amount of people.

The other big problem about doing a winter activity with little kids is keeping in mind just how cold it can be in the Wisconsin winters. I purchased tickets ahead of time with a discount, but that meant I had to select our date weeks in advance - with the risk of having bad weather when the day arrived. Thankfully we were blessed with some sunshine and just moderate chill... but next time we go I will forego the discount to choose a day based on weather forecast. I think it will be worth it. Unfortunately there is a higher chance of the day we want being sold out - because they limit the amount of people per day. But it's just not fun to go with little kids when it's freezing. So I would take the risk. 

Here is my quick list of tips for going to the Ice Castles with little kids:

  • Look at the weather forecast and choose a day above 30 degrees
  • Buy your tickets online in advance
  • Avoid crowds by going during the week or in the morning on weekends
  • Bundle up and wear snow pants so you can go down the ice slides
  • If you have a baby, plan on wearing them - no strollers allowed
  • Pack light so you can move around comfortably and not get tired
  • Encourage your kids to explore and use their imagination!

We had fun and learned a couple things for our first time ever going to the Wisconsin Ice Castles! Hopefully we get another chance to go in 2021! Have you ever been to the ice castles?