Mulberry Lane Farm & Petting Zoo in Hilbert, Wisconsin might just be the cutest place I've ever been to in my life. We've been there a couple times in different seasons, and the kids absolutely love the opportunity to hold, pet, and interact with various different animals! I think the best time to go is for their fall festival, as long as it isn't too cold outside. Wear boots! Spring is also fun, but animals will be giving birth left and right so be ready for a biology lesson! Here's a list of our favorite things to do at Mulberry! 

1. Catch a Chicken

The kids always want to go to the chicken coop first. This area has a tall fence circled around it and is full of chickens of all sizes, colors, and temperaments. Our first time there the kids were a little nervous about picking up the chickens, but now they are seasoned professionals at chicken catching! We went on a pretty cold day recently and Felicity picked up a chicken and it just cuddled right in. I think it liked her warmth :) 

2. Snuggle a Bunny

My personal favorite, and the kids love it too! They have the cutest bunnies at Mulberry, and most of the time they have babies available to hold! I could snuggle these bunnies all day.

3. Ride a Pony

My horse-loving daughter Cadence always looks forward to this! One ride is included for each child with the admission cost. 

4. Enjoy the Hay Ride

This is seriously the best hay ride I've ever been on. The first 3 times I did it we couldn't stop laughing because he drove so fast and we were bumping up and down! The last time we went on it was a pretty cold day and they made a different route because they rearranged where the pumpkin patch was. It was not nearly as fun as the previous times, but still enjoyable! I'm hoping next year he will pick up the speed again! 

5. Frolic with the Baby Goats

There always seems to be an abundance of baby goats every time we go, and some of them are small enough for the kids to pick up and carry around! You can feed the goats too!

6. Pet All the Farm Animals

There are other animals too! With Cadence's dairy allergy we don't hang around the calves too much (she's had an allergic reaction from touching them because of the milk on their lips that they've been drinking), but they sure are cute, and our other kids like to pet them! There is also the opportunity to milk a cow! Her name is Cookie!

There are also miniature horses you can pet, piglets (some are old enough to pet and some are so little they are still protected by their mother, but you can look at them!), there are cats wandering around the farm, sheep and lambs, a HUGE pig usually sitting in a mud puddle, various turkeys, and more!

7. Cradle a Chick or Duckling

In the small barn next to the chicken coop you will find baby chicks and ducklings! I especially wanted to go in here to get away from the cold on a chilly day, because it is nice and warm inside!

8. Hold a Kitten

The kitten barn is right next to the goats, and is another welcome shelter for if it's cold or rainy! I will say this isn't so much fun on a busy day because of the long lines and limited time and choice you have for which kitten to hold, but if no one else is around you can spend as much time with the kittens as you want! 

9. Pick a Pumpkin

They have a great pumpkin patch and in the fall you get 1 pumpkin per admission ticket! Some years you take the hay ride to the pumpkin patch, and other years the patch is right next to the parking lot. They always provide cute red wagons in the patch to help you carry your pumpkins to the car!

Another fun fall activity is their corn pit! The kids can play with loose corn and toys kind of like a sandbox! And in the fall they have gorgeous decorations. I love the wagon they have set up for a photo op. 

10. Have a Picnic and Play

On the other side of the big barn away from the animals, they have a huge area with picnic tables, and various play areas for the kids! 

11. Take Lots of Pictures

There are so many photo opportunities at Mulberry! Not only candid shots with the animals, but also pretty backgrounds, setups and cool barns to pose in front of! 

12. They Have Really Nice Bathrooms

As funny as it sounds, this is a big deal when you're spending a long day at the farm with a bunch of kids! They are cute farmhouse style with galvanized steel. They also have outhouses and an outdoor handwash area right by the picnic tables. 

Prices as of Fall 2019:

You pay admission right when you arrive and they give you a sticker. You need to wear the sticker so that they know you've paid! Admission includes everything at the farm, so you don't need to pay for anything else (with the exception of food)!

  • $13 cash price (1 & under are free) 
  • $13.50 credit card price
  • $3 wagon rental + $2 refundable deposit (for a wagon to take around the farm. The wagons for pumpkins are free)

Here is a sample of prices from the food trailer menu from when we were there in Fall 2018:

  • Hot dogs $2.50
  • State Fair mini donuts - cinnamon sugar: 6 for $3, 12 for $5
  • Chocolate chip cookies $1
  • Chips $1
  • Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Mountain Dew, Lemonade, Water, Capri Sun $1.50 each
  • They also had hot apple cider one time we were there but for some reason I didn't get the price on that! Sorry!

I love Mulberry Lane Farm and I highly recommend it to everyone!

Phone: 920-989-3130

Mulberry Lane Farm | W3190 County Road B | Hilbert, WI 54129