Hi, I am Kolyssa Teal.

I am an award winning photographer from Wisconsin. My work was featured in the Discover Wisconsin 2020 Calendar. I have always loved taking pictures since I was a child and my parents bought me disposable cameras for vacations and field trips!

My husband Marshal is a Lutheran pastor (LCMS) and we are serving a wonderful congregation here in rural Wisconsin. We have five amazing kids! I am so thankful to God that He blessed us with these sweet little people. They fill our lives with laughter, fresh perspectives, and TONS of cuteness. We also have a mini labradoodle named Arlo!

A little more about me, I’m 30 years old and have so many ideas of things I want to accomplish! Having a family is my favorite and ongoing accomplishment. I am a stay at home mom which I thank God for every day! I also work from home part-time doing media design for Lutheran Church Charities (LCC) and the K-9 Comfort Dogs. It’s because of this fantastic job and my incredible supervisors that I am able to stay home with the kids. Other things I enjoy are reading and writing, camping and hiking, waterparks, fall festivals, digital scrapbooking, making music videos, spending time with family, and family friendly adventures!

I love photography. I’m not always looking for clients because I have limited time available to do shoots, but I do enjoy the occasional photo session! Check out my investment page and contact me if you'd like to see if I'm available! I love it when people ask!

Thanks for stopping by, and I hope we can connect soon!

"Navigating life as a Christian, wife, mother, and photographer in the beautiful state of Wisconsin!"

—Kolyssa Teal


I'm a 5 - Investigative Thinker! I also lean heavily on both my wings, 4 & 6, at different times in my life. Let me know if we are enneagram twins! My husband Marshal is a 2! I started learning about the enneagram in 2020 and became obsessed. If you bring it up to me I could talk about it forever. So you better only bring it up if you are ready to invest in that conversation LOL

Hogwarts House

I was sorted into Hufflepuff! At first I was in denial of this because I felt drawn to Ravenclaw. But the more I think about it, Hufflepuff feels right. I cherish loyalty and friendship! I graduated from Hogwarts with my degree to make magical moving photographs. But I decided to remain with my muggle family and use muggle camera equipment. Don't blink though - you might see your family photos do a little dance!

What Else?

I'm an introvert who loves people! No I'm not one of those "extroverted introverts!" I am very quiet and reserved. But I admire people and try to see everyone through God's eyes. The most animated you will ever see me is when I am taking pictures of little kids. The things I do to get them to smile!!!