The Koeller Family Reunion 2020 took place at Loon's Landing again... for the final time. Loon's Landing sold their cabins to private owners and will no longer be able to host our family. But we made the most of our final year there! Our 3rd annual music video was a parody of "From Now On" from The Greatest Showman!

This was a much more lengthy and complex song than our videos from 2018 and 2019! It turned out magnificent, but I already know that next year we will go back to a shorter and consistently upbeat song from start to finish. 

Changed lyrics by Kolyssa, Esther, & Jenny. Song performed by Jason, Ben, Coltyn, Dan, Cadence, Nathan, Matt, Esther, Serena, Jenny, Abby, Jessica, Marshal & Kolyssa. Video recorded and edited by Kolyssa & Esther. Vacation provided by Ardis. Fun, smiles, and memories provided by everyone!

I hope you enjoy the video! Until next year!