Our annual family reunion/vacation has come and gone, and this was one of the best years yet! This was our second time making a family music video. Last year we recorded all the music, shot the footage, and edited the video all in the same week while we were there. It was a bit much, so this year we recorded all the music BEFORE the trip. I still finished editing while we were there (I just couldn't wait) and at the very end of our stay I got together with my cousin Esther and we wrote next year's song! 

If you are unfamiliar with the Wisconsin northwoods, here are a few of my favorite things to do on our vacation:

  1. Stay in small, simple cabins with no good wifi or data connectivity (digital detox! Except for my digital camera of course).
  2. Steps away from the gorgeous Lake Pickerel, beautiful sunsets every night before bed!!!
  3. So much wildlife! Eagles, loons, snakes, turtles, deer, otters, fish, a new adventure every day! 
  4. Going out on the boat to my favorite place, the "Land of the Lilliputians" (so many lilly pads that it looks like you could walk on them! This is where Marshal proposed to me!)
  5. Playing sand volleyball!
  6. Playing Mafia and card games in the game room!
  7. Gathering at a different cabin each night to eat dinner with whoever's turn it is to cook that night.
  8. Singing songs around the campfire and making s'mores. I have amazing singers in my family (see the video above) so this is just a magical experience. 
  9. Going into town to the candy store to get special candy, chocolates, and ice cream. 
  10. I'm not a huge fan of swimming, but lots of my family love to swim in the lake or at the pool! 
  11. Watching the kids catch little fish and play in the sand!
  12. Spending time with all my extended family who I love dearly! 

Here are the credits for the music video!

Produced and directed by Kolyssa Teal.

Lyrics by Caitlyn Koeller, Esther Koeller, & Ardis Koeller.

Singing & instrumental by Jason Liebenow, Coltyn VonDeylen, Esther Koeller, Serena Koeller, Jenny Liebenow, Nathan, Cadence, Felicity, Kolyssa Teal, & Ardis Koeller.

Video captured by Kolyssa Teal, Esther Koeller, & Marshal Frisque.

Edited by Kolyssa Teal.

I hope you enjoy. This captures a fragment of the beauty that we experience at Loon's Landing in St. Germain, Wisconsin!