"River Flows in You" by Yiruma is one of those compositions that is universally and forever beautiful. Ben Gauger plays it so perfectly - I mean literally, when we recorded him playing on digital piano it only took ONE TAKE. To make the "River Flows in You" Music Video we first recorded the sound. I plugged my Zoom H4n Pro to the digital piano at church using two 1/4 to XLR male cables to get that perfect stereo sound.

Then the "fun part" of recording video! I learned something that I kinda already knew but now it is solidified in my mind: Always make sure you have a speaker so that the musician or artist can play/sing along to the recording you will be using. It makes post-editing so much easier. I didn't do that for this shoot. He played the keyboard silently (obviously he's in the water and can't plug it in to electricity) and I had to line it up to the sound recording afterward just by looking at his fingers play and doing my best to figure out which part of the song he was at. It turned out totally fine but I did spend a couple extra hours editing because of this mistake! 

We also had fun getting some b-roll footage with all the fall colors! 'Tis the season! Ben's sister Greta was there (who happens to be married to my cousin) and she has an eye for beauty and creative ideas. It was so much fun collaborating with her! She snagged some behind the scenes photos too :) 

This shot below was her idea - she stood behind me and threw leaves at the same time as Ben to give more volume and depth to the "falling leaves" movement! It was so gorgeous!

Working on music videos is my favorite thing to do, so I am so thankful that Ben asked me to do this for his senior recital! And what an honor to work with such an artist. Maybe we will collaborate again some day.