• Happy first day of spring! I can definitely sense a refreshing change... the longer day, the melting snow, the warmer air, the sound of running water outside, birds chirping, my kids running around pretending to be horses in the grass 🐴 Praise the Lord, spring is here!!! 🙌🏼
  • Fun adventures in the melting snow! #springiscoming #meltingsnow #familyadventures
  • He’s still my little baby 💙 Even though he’s growing up so fast! #babyboy #buildabear #naptime
  • This cutie is getting his molars and he is NOT having it! 😖 I actually thought he had an ear infection the way he was holding his ears and screaming. Doctor checked him over and said nope it’s the teeth! It’s been a rough couple of days but I love snuggling him and he has plenty of good moments still... like this one 🤗❤️ #teethingbaby #snugglybaby
  • I want to be real honest with you today about something I’ve been struggling with... you can read the full confession at and tell me any advice you have for me or share your own experience! This is our master bedroom after we finished the shiplap accent wall and decorating! The quilt was made by my talented sister in law! ❤️ #homedecor #lutheran #parsonage #masterbedroom #shiplap #teal #aquapaint #aquaroom #tealroom #quilt #farmhouse #farmhousebed #hobbylobby #cottonwreath #happiness #confession #struggles #decorating
  • I’ve been putting a lot of pressure on myself lately, and today I realized I’m getting in my own way. As I think more and more about my goal (publish my book and find readers) I think about building an audience online through my blog & social media. Then I think about how building an audience means POSTING more than once every other week (or once a month) 😅 ... well my friends, I’ve become afraid of posting!!! What?! Today I told myself I would get a “valentine’s day” picture. I had one little window of time where I could take it, but I didn’t get to curl my hair, touch up my makeup, or pose with my husband (working) or kids (one’s at school, one napping, and the other currently has no interest in getting her picture 😂) so I almost didn’t do it. Then I realized, I do this pretty much every day. I make excuses. And it’s getting in my way! Just do it Kolyssa!!! Life isn’t perfect so just do what you can!!! And love yourself the way you are!!!! Happy Valentine’s Day and I love YOU the way you are!!! ❤️ #loveyourself #beyourself #nooneisperfect #valentinesday #valentine #iloveyou

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