Welcome to Kolyssa Teal! I started this blog because I love to document our family lifestyle and projects. Taking pictures and videos is important to me because I love to look back. Looking back is a good way to reflect on what God has blessed you with, and makes you appreciate what you have and not take it for granted!

My husband Marshal is a Lutheran pastor (LCMS) and we are serving a wonderful congregation here in rural Wisconsin. Being a pastor’s wife is good for me, because I love people but I am quite shy and don’t approach people without being super awkward. I have found that when people realize I am Marshal’s wife, they approach me first and then I don’t have to worry about it! 😉

We have four amazing kids, Cadence, Felicity, Malachi, and Boaz! I am so thankful to God that He blessed us with these sweet little people. They fill our lives with laughter, fresh perspectives, and TONS of cuteness.

A little more about me, I’m 30 years old and have so many ideas of things I want to accomplish! Having a family is my favorite and ongoing accomplishment. I am a stay at home mom which I thank God for every day! I also work from home part-time doing media design for Lutheran Church Charities (LCC) and the K-9 Comfort Dogs. It’s because of this fantastic job and my incredible supervisors that I am able to stay home with the kids. I love LCC. Mostly I design the business cards and placement graphics for each golden retriever comfort dog that is placed across the nation. I also do a lot for their big annual K-9 Ministries Conference they do every summer (t-shirts, guides, keychains, bandanas, etc).

I love photography. I’m not always looking for clients because I have limited time available to do shoots, but I do enjoy the occasional photo session! Click here for details.

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