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When a friend of mine asked if I could do a photo shoot with some blouses from her line of kids clothes, I was like YES MY DAY HAS COME!!!! As you might have noticed, I love photography, I love my kids, and I always love a reason to take pictures of my kids! The blouses were the perfect size for my 6 year old Cadence. She sent us the Galu Blouse in navy and gold, size 5T. Cadence loved them immediately and couldn’t wait for our photo shoot!

I love the pattern detail at the top and the flowy sleeves. This blouse was super comfortable for her to wear, so it was perfect for an outdoor adventure at the park! But it could also be dressed up for church because it’s so pretty!

The line of clothes is called TalofaKids and it can be found on Etsy! Here is a quote from Britta talking about how TalofaKids came to be!

We created TalofaKids sort of on accident just in our everyday life at home. My husband who was born in American Samoa, married me, a basic white girl from Wisconsin. We had two babies in Indiana, and are now expecting our third baby while we currently reside in Pennsylvania. Our daughters and I have never been to American Samoa. But it is my husband’s and my mission to raise them knowing who they are and where they come from. That’s when we started bringing Samoa home, wherever ‘home’ happens to be at the moment.

My mother-in-law, affectionately called Meena by my daughters, gifted me yards and yards of fabric from American Samoa to turn into kid’s textiles for her grandbabies. My husband and I have now decided to grow this mission by offering these cultural pieces to others! That’s why we have created TalofaKids.

Check out her shop and see all the other adorable items she sells for babies and kids!

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