Newborn Photography – My Goddaughter!

I am SO excited to introduce you to my goddaughter!!! I was absolutely thrilled to be able to take her newborn photos. This was my first time doing “lifestyle photography” at someone else’s house (in this case it was my brother and his wife’s house, so a great first place to do it)! As soon as I arrived, after holding my goddaughter and saying hello of course, I analyzed the room for light. The best light seemed to be coming in from their dining room window. It was afternoon and that window was the closest one facing west. So I set up a “studio” on their dining room table! We piled on a bunch of blankets to make it have more cushion, and then added a nursing pillow with their fluffy white comforter on top! I actually had my brother hold the comforter up to create a backdrop! It worked out perfectly.

Look at that squishy adorable face. She also had this pretty swaddle blanket and headband set that we used.

The lighting was perfect, and they own a beautiful home with these picture perfect window frames, so I wanted to incorporate that into the photo session. I love how it turned out.

It’s so cute the way she looks at her mama. What an adorable family. 🙂

After doing a newborn session at someone else’s house, I think it went very well and I would be up for trying it again! As long as there is enough natural light coming in through the windows!

If you are interested in having me as your photographer, please see the Investment page for more details, and contact me here!

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