Newborn Photography – Summer Florals

Note: If you are wondering why I posted a “summer” photoshoot in November, it’s because these were actually taken in summer before I started my blog! My blog was brand new last month! 😉

This sweet little baby girl’s photo session was my first time setting up a “DIY studio” in my kitchen. I brought in the ottoman with a boppy pillow on it, and covered that in a blanket. I draped the end of the blanket up over a dining chair to create a backdrop. I set this up right in front of the kitchen sliding door so there was plenty of natural light pouring in. It was a sunny day but actually a little chilly, so I had the space heater going a couple feet away.

She was wide awake for part of her session so I was able to capture her beautiful blue eyes. Her mama brought this pretty floral garland that we circled around her. I love these pictures I got with big sister:

And of course one with the whole family! Even though it was a little chilly for a summer day, we stepped outside just long enough to get a family photo in my backyard!

I remember being so nervous for this photo shoot, but I think I captured some good pictures for them and I learned a lot in the process! This really was my first official newborn photo shoot!

If you are interested in having me as your photographer, please see the Investment page for more details, and contact me here!

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