What Colors Coordinate with the Season?

This post supplements your guide on What to Wear for Family Pictures! Keeping in mind where the photos will be displayed, let’s look at the location of your photography. You can get the best family photos outside. What season is it?


This is my all time favorite time of year to take pictures, so I’m starting with fall! There is so much variety when it comes to taking pictures in the fall! You can have bright fiery red trees, in which case you can truly utilize the bright colors of the rainbow to coordinate with that.

Definitely my favorite color to go with fall colors is a deep burgundy purple/maroon. It always seems to match every color in fall. In the photos above, Marshal and the girls each have a shade of purple, but the girls’ outfits have the purple subtly woven in the patterns of their outfit. That’s why I chose those particular outfits!

Another case for purple in the fall! I hadn’t always thought of purple as a “fall color,” but it really is a nice contrast to the bright warm colors that fall presents!


When we take larger family pictures with extended family, usually at Thanksgiving, we tell everyone to wear navy or maroon. These colors work great with a more neutral background of browns and evergreens. Because of this you can really wear these colors year-round because you can always find neutral backgrounds!


If you don’t want to use the bright warm colors of fall, you can easily find evergreens or more neutral backgrounds outside as well in autumn. For our Christmas card pictured left, I wanted to coordinate with pastel pink. That definitely does not match with bright orange and yellow. But I always take our Christmas card picture in October! Pastel pink and mint green are a fun alternative for Christmas colors. You can also wear the typical shades of red and green for Christmas if you take your pictures any season surrounded by evergreen trees!

I love red plaid for Christmas, and I’m planning on trying that out for our family pictures next year – so stay tuned! Another fun option is white, silver & gold. That’s a versatile option where you can add pops of red or green to make it even more festive!


The trees are getting bright green buds and we’ve got some new colors to play with! This is when you have flowering trees and pinks, purples, and white petals!

White is a traditional color to wear this time of year, but you can really get away with wearing whatever colors you want! Colors found in nature like greens, blues, yellows & browns are always a good idea!

What colors are you wearing for your family photos?

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