1 Year Old Photos – Pinstripe Overalls!

I can’t believe my little nephew is 1 already! He is such a cutie pie and just mesmerizing with his big blue eyes! We did a couple family photos outside and then took some of just him in my kitchen studio. Of course I had to use the blue background to complement his gorgeous eyes and that adorable pinstripe overall set.

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Pumpkin Cake Roll with Pure Joy Creative

I wrote this guest post for Jamie at Pure Joy Creative! She has this amazing pumpkin cake roll recipe from her friend Branson. She asked if I’d like to try baking it and taking pictures for her blog, and although I am a novice baker, I was excited to give it a try!

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Talofa Kids Fashion!

When a friend of mine asked if I could do a photo shoot with some blouses from her line of kids clothes, I was like YES MY DAY HAS COME!!!! As you might have noticed, I love photography, I love my kids, and I always love a reason to take pictures of my kids!

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Family Adventures: Mulberry Lane Farm

Mulberry Lane Farm & Petting Zoo in Hilbert, Wisconsin might just be the cutest place I’ve ever been to in my life. We’ve been there a couple times in different seasons, and the kids absolutely love the opportunity to hold, pet, and interact with various different animals!

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Fall Family Photos at Waubedonia – Buffalo Plaid

Waubedonia Park is beautiful this time of year, and the perfect place for fall family photos! With the river and colorful trees, I start to feel overwhelmed at choosing a spot to do photos! So many options! This family chose an adorable buffalo plaid outfit theme that fit perfectly with the time of year! (Plus how CUTE is their little boy?!??)

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Book Review: Keeper by Kim Chance

Lainey is a book smart, pretty high school girl that has her very planned-out life jolted upside down when she discovers she is a powerful witch. As she struggles to accept her new identity, she soon realizes that with great power comes great danger!

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Psalm 55:22

My confirmation verse! I always thought my pastor was very intuitive in choosing a verse for each student in confirmation.

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